Wendy Collins

Hello my name Wendy Collins, I have been working in the health industry for a decade
achieving my diploma and masters in Bowen was just the beginning of my successful journey in the natural health industry.

Then through my own health issues I discovered a system called The Nutri-Energetics System.  I was suffering a lot of pain under my right rib cage, after having many tests and not coming up with any significant answers I went for a NES scan after taking the NES drops andfinding out I had a gallbladder issue the pain has never returned. I then referred a lot ofmy own clients with undiagnosed health issues to the NES system they all had astounding results. This is what made my decision to purchase and complete my training on the NES System and have now helped hundreds of people regain their health.

Not only has it helped me with their nutritional status, allergy problems, digestive
problems and much more it has given me FAST and EFFFECTIVE results with my bowen therapy pinpointing muscular skelatal problems enabling me to work directly on the problem showing on the scan making this a very
tailored treatment.

So at your initial consultation I will determine a personalized program based on your SCAN report, utitising the NES infoceuticals to correct issues with your "Human Body Field". You will have a copy of your report, the infoceuticals, information on their action and an easy to follow daily chart.


I have many different convenient locations at Yea, Lilydale &

This NES system has changed my life, so let it change yours call today for an appointment and scan on 0418 586 013

Qualification Details

  • Certified N.E.S Practitioner
  • Diploma Of Bowen Therapy
  • Masters In Bowen Therapy
  • Detoxifaction Consultant
  • Qualified In Clinicical Nutrients/N.E.S Supplements
  • Certified In Hopi-Ear-Candling
  • Trained Weight-Loss Consultant(Sandra Cabot Trained)
  • Qualified in Oxygen facelifts and wildflower facials

Professional Accreditations

  • Bowen Therapy Association Of Australia (btaa)
  • Bowen Therapy Academy (bta)