Frequently Asked Questions

QHow long before I start to feel better?

ANormally around 5-7 days you will start to feel some subtle changes, like increased energy, feeling calmer and with more relaxed better sleep patterns etc.


QHow many scans will I need to fix my problem?

AIt will depend on the problem, normally around 3, but some clients have only needed one, and some chronically ill clients may need a few more.


QIs this treatment suitable for babies?

AMost definitely, and is also very suitable for the elderly, because it is a non-invasive treatment


QWhat problems does the Nuti-energetics system fix?

AEverything from A-Z


QCan I take the drops with my medications?

AYes the drops do not interfere with any medications.


QIs N.E.S an affordable treatment?

AYes it is affordable as you don't have to continually go back once we have finished your programme.


QHow far in advance do I have to book?

A2 weeks is the best, but. if it is urgent do ring because we may have had a cancellation.


QCan I pay by Visa or eftpos?

A2 Most definitely, we try to make it as convenient as possible for our clients.


QIs it claimable on private health?

AYes but it will depend on your level of cover. Wendy and Barbara are fully Qualified practitioners.


Qis there any reactions that may occur while I am on the treatment.

ASome people may experience some detoxification reactions in the first few weeks, however this is excellent because your body is removing harmful toxins and heavy metals in order to heal.


QDoes the treatment work for Weight Loss?

AWe have certainly have fantastic results with weight loss, because the N.E.S will get to the core of the problem.


What happens?

At your initial consultation we will determine a personalized program based on your SCAN report, utilising the NES INfoceuticals to correct issues within "Human Body Field". You will have a copy of your report, the infoceuticals, information on their action and an easy to follow daily chart.


What are Infoceuticals?

They are homeopathic remedies, and made from tiny amounts of colloidal minerals


What are the Benefits?

Nutri-nergetics® is extremely effective in treating chronic and acute conditions, as well as emotional complaints, such as post-traumatic stress, grief and depression. People come to the Nutri-Energetics® Clinic, either for a session where they have a specific problem(s) or for a Nutri-Energetics Wellness Program,, which will help to promote general well-being and good health by reducing stress, increasing energy, improving circulation and strengthening the immune system.



It is $120.00 for a scan, the drops are $30.00per bottle, 1-4 bottles may be needed normally, 4 is the best, as these will last for a month.

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