A short, 'great results' story you have had with a client:

One of my favourite clients has a small boy who is moderately autistic, and struggles to concentrate, and can be very frustrated and angry. I did a Nutri-Energetics scan on him, and because it is done so quickly, the child can handle it. The scan showed that his Nervous System was disturbed, and his ability to metabolise sugar was very low. On the mental level the scan showed that his ability to interpret visual cues was very distorted. No wonder he was very distressed.

One month after his first treatment, he returned for his second scan, and I noticed immediately that he was a lot calmer, and played happily on the floor with a little computer game that his mother had provided him with. He also interacted with us quite calmly, and was able to concentrate a lot better. This is a big improvement because on the first visit he was very distressed and distracted, and would not be soothed


I have been seeing wendy for around 7 years having my regular bowen treatment every month, I like to use it as a preventative measure as I had a herniated disc when I first went to see Wendy,she fixed that in 3 treatments but I do a lot of lifting in my job so I like to make sure I look after my back. I was also picking up a lot of colds and flu,s around a year ago so wendy suggested I have a N.E.S body scan it showed a weakness in my immune system, she put me on the N.E.S drops to build up my immune system.I started to feel better than I had in a long time, it took around a month and I havent had a cold or flu since.


I went to see Wendy as a last resort I had been dieting going to gym, walking and had not lost any weight I became very depressed and was about to give up, a friend told me about wendy and her amazing N.E.S machine I was a little sceptical but what did I have to loose,I was totally amazed at the result It showed I was gluten intolerant and my thyroid was sluggish she gave me some drops I was estatic when I weighed in I had lost 2.4 kilo in a week.


I went to wendy because I was suffering with no energy and felt constantly tired she suggested we do a scan to find out what was going on it showed I was suffering from malapsorbtion so I was getting no vitamins or minerals due to my stomach and stress, I had gone through a stressful couple of months but didnt realise the affect that it could have on me Wendy put me on some drops for my stomach and some for stress I felt better within 4 days I would recommend this simple test for anyone who is concerned about their health.